HAMPDEN — The Municipal Review Committee is working on an agreement with two lienholders that objected to the sale of the Fiberight/Coastal Resources of Maine recycling center. The organization will seek private financial partnerships to reopen the facility.

A Penobscot County judge paused the sale June 24 after two creditors, CP Manufacturing and SNC-Lavalin, objected to it because they would not see any funds from the sale, according to the court order.

Bankruptcy Attorney Shawn Doil told organization members at a June 29 meeting that she expects the objections to be resolved with the new agreement. If it all goes well, the facility’s sale could be finalized in the next couple of weeks. Details about the agreement are not available until it is finalized, Executive Director Michael Carroll said.

The MRC anticipates that the court will approve the sale, according to a statement issued to The Republican Journal by email. Once that happens, the organization can close on the sale and become the facility’s sole owner.

It is working on several private partners to share ownership and operation of the facility, according to the statement. It will decrease the funds the MRC will need from members to reopen the facility.

“Overall, we are positive about the proceedings and are looking forward to the time when the MRC is able to own and control the destiny of the Hampden facility,” the statement reads in part.

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