Sorry that I missed a couple of weeks writing this column, but the days are not long enough to get everything done. I am going to try a bit harder to get this column written.

Congratulations to all the graduates from all the high schools and colleges. There are too many to name them all. You worked hard and got rewarded with your diploma. Now it is off into the work force you go.  There are so many job openings that it should be fairly easy to secure a position in your field. Again, congratulations to all.

I met the new homeowner in Thorndike. He purchased the former home of Alice Porter. His name is Joe and I have no idea how to spell or pronounce his last name. We had an enjoyable chat and I was invited over to see all the work he has done. I will go check it out soon.

I recently received word of the passing of Rollie Maxim, formerly of Thorndike, but lived for many years in Florida.

A notice to remind producers to get their crop reports in by July 15. You can schedule an appointment by calling 338-1964, ext. 2.  Timely filing of an acreage report allows eligible producers to receive payments for programs that require the crop report to be on file.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Clive McDonald, a former Thorndike resident. His wit and smiles will be missed by many. I always had an enjoyable time whenever we would meet. Rest in peace, Clive.

Dustin and I had a quiet Fourth of July working in the yard and listening to Dustin’s tunes coming from the gazebo while getting yard work done.

Happy birthday to Beverly Winship, Irene Raven, Jackie Ingraham and Sally Turner.

Douglas Adams is quoted as saying, “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light — with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.”

Have a great week and enjoy all that summer has to offer.