Mark your calendar for Aug. 20. The Freedom Boosters and Recreational Committee will hold its annual parade through town on that day. More information will come soon.

Beware that, effective Aug. 8, Maine will have a new “hunting dog” law. Under a recent change made by the state Legislature, hunting dogs now “must” wear a functioning tracking collar; and hunting dog handlers face civil penalties if their dogs run onto someone else’s land and that landowner had previously informed the dog handler that their dogs are not welcome on that landowner’s property.

A dog owner, trainer, or handler will now be liable for civil trespass with a hunting dog if a hunting dog is turned loose on a prohibited property, or the dog travels over such property, and the dog handler has already been warned once of such prohibition.

The specific law language is pretty holistic and a little more nuanced then how I present it here. For more information, look at 12 MRSA 10657-A, talk to the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, or Google a trustworthy source.

Regardless, it is quite the development in civil trespass law — particularly considering that dogs do not understand property “boundaries” and hunters do not have any control over the dogs once they are “set loose.” Maybe it’s reasonable, maybe it’s not. I do not use hunting dogs, but I do know that I do not like them running through my backyard.

I hope you all have been enjoying the nice weather!