Hello All,

Seem’s good summer has sure arrived. Managed to get some needed rain. My plants, thanks to Sis and others, are looking good, only tomatoes and cukes now.


Happy 1st birthday to great granddaughter July 7, little Millicent Rogers-Doughty!!

In Portugal

The past several days Wayne, Laura and David Doughty, also Lesley and Michael Snyer, were in Portugal. The boys, David and Michael, played on Central Maine United Soccer Team. They had two wins, a tie and a loss. It was extremely hot there. Overall the team did very well.

They toured and saw the many sights, one of them being the Christo Rei Statue overlooking Lisbon, a beautiful sight. They saw great scenery at Porto De Setubel on the ocean with a catamaran ride along the shoreside and cliffs. No dolphins were in sight, but saw some riding on the bus back to the hotel. The team of boys got to do some fun surfing. They returned home on Sunday. One thing they missed was the good coffee of the USA. As my son said, bring on the Dunkin’.


Much sympathy to the family of William Glen Carpenter, 41 years old, who passed on July 5. He was the grandson of Shirley Sprague Carpenter of Michigan, son of Doreen Sylvain and stepfather Timothy, and son of Glen Harrington.


Happy 11th anniversary to Travis and Amber Doughty.

Montville Historical Society

The society will be hosting two Open Schoolhouse evenings this summer on July 18 and Sept. 19. The Kingdom Schoolhouse in Center Montville will be staffed and open for visitors each of the evenings, 6-7:30 p.m. The schoolhouse will also be open to welcome visitors 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 13 during the Montville Field Day.

We will again be offering lily plants donated by Bill Warman of The Maine Garden in Waldo for sale that day. More info later on additional plants as it gets nearer to Field Day.

Until next week,

Enjoy this nice weather. Get some fresh veggies. Strawberries are nearly done, I hear. Most of all be safe, and BE KIND. My Florida Smith friends arrived in Maine Sunday for the summer at the cabin in Montville.


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