The Thorndike Parks and Recreational Committee has several projects they are working on and could use some extra hands and inventive minds. There is a fundraiser in the works for the playground; planning is taking place for Thorndike Days, which is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17; and they are trying very hard to revitalize  in-town Thorndike, so as you can see there is plenty to work on in several different directions.

Please come and join them at their meetings to see what they are all about. For more
information, you can email Liz Cioe, lcioe@yahoo.com or Wendy Trafton, wtrafton5@gmail.com. The committee is looking for vendors/crafters/groups to set up at Thorndike Days.

There is a bottle drive going on for the month of July. The Depot Country Store on Depot Street, Unity, is graciously giving Thorndike Parks and Rec 6 cents per container during the month of July. You can drop your bottles and cans at the Depot Store and tell them they are for the Thorndike Parks and Rec, you can drop them off at the Thorndike Town Office during business hours, or you can call the Thorndike Town Office to schedule a pickup at your home by calling 568-3655.

Vendors are wanted for Thorndike Days, Saturday, Sept. 17, and free booth space will be provided. They are looking for crafts, home parties, activities, come advertise your business, classes, skills, baked goods, antiques. Whatever you have or do, they want you! Please contact Nicole at npomeroy16@gmail.com or text 508-341-7671 or contact Liz by texting or calling 352-875-0199.

The gardens are growing, with a little help from the water hose. I think the dryness helps keep the weed growth down. We are looking forward to having some fresh string beans.

I hope your Fourth of July was full of fun and celebration. Dustin and I had some friends over doing yard work and putting in wood. There is no end to the work this time of year.

Have a great week and may your garden be bountiful.

Lee Trevino is quoted as saying, “You don’t know what pressure is until you play for five bucks with only two bucks in your pocket.”