Hello and happy summer days, Waldo! We have been battling an array of garden foes this year, including a mother groundhog and at least one baby, and the occasional deer. We put up some chicken wire around some of the kitchen garden beds but are reluctant to fully embrace fencing as it would be somewhat jarring in our yard. We put out a havaheart trap but the big groundhog seems to be smart enough to eat the leaf just by the door and not go in any further.

I’m beginning to accept, with a heavy heart, that this might just not be a year for much garden produce. We’ve had about four peas off the vine (3 1/2 of which went to Monty, who is a bit like a groundhog in the garden) and will be lucky if we get one cucumber at this rate. I’m not crossing my fingers on the string beans (except for maybe the pole beans, which will grow above the groundhog soon enough).

I have noticed more bugs and pests and fungal issues on our perennials than ever before. This is likely to be the inevitable result of warmer, earlier springs. I think going forward we will have to learn new approaches to managing these things. The quince tree, for example, has a bright orange fungal powder that I read may originate from cedar trees. Perhaps we were actually spoiled before, with our shorter seasons and fewer complications?

The farm stand is open for the season! It is self-serve. Come enjoy a fresh cut bouquet of flowers. I have a bunch of new varieties this year and I’m excited to share them with you. We are at 723 E. Waldo Road, and the stand is in the field just after or before the address, depending on which direction you’re coming from (or across the street from the Doak farmhouse, if you’re familiar). We can also do bouquets for events.


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