BELFAST — The ongoing saga regarding the Belfast Water District’s property at 41 Wight St. took another turn last week as the matter has been sent back to the In Town Design Review Committee for further discussions on the proposed six-bay garage to be built on the property.

The site plan for the proposed garage was approved at the Belfast Planning Board’s June 29 meeting; however, several area residents who attended the meeting objected to the fact that the Planning Board relied in part on a decision from the Design Review Committee in reaching its decision. Residents said they were not given prior notice of the hearing before the Design Review Committee, which was held June 13.

Due to the various complaints lodged, the matter has been sent back to the In Town Design Review Committee for possible reconsideration.

According to a release from the city’s Code and Planning Department, “Following the Committee’s approval granting the reconsideration for the Type 1 Intown Design Review permit, the Committee, at its meeting of July 18, 2022, at 3 p.m. in Belfast City Hall Council Chambers, will review the application submitted by the Water District for 41 Wight Street.”

During that meeting, residents will also be allowed to offer any input they have regarding the proposed garage.

During the Planning Board’s June 29 meeting, several residents spoke in opposition to the proposed six-bay garage. One of the primary objections concerned the overall size and look of the garage, especially due to its location, which would be within viewing range of several residents’ condominiums.