July 16, 1840

Cow Lost. Strayed from the enclosure of the subscriber, on Saturday last, a dark red cow twelve years old. Whoever will return said cow to the subscriber or give information where she may be found shall be suitably rewarded. Alvan Edmunds.

July 19, 1850

The warm season is bringing many of the denizens of the cities to Maine. We can accommodate them. Piscatorial excursions and trips into the country are all the rage. In our own vicinity the ponds, (called elsewhere lakes,) are frequented much, and deliver up their treasures in a manner which might have filled the soul of Izaak Walton with delight.

July 20, 1860

The mackerel fishery in our bay is at its height, and hundreds are daily fishing for profit or pleasure. The “tinker” mackerel is not worth much to cure, but is a beautiful pan fish when fresh. If any one wishes for exhilarating sport, let him arise with the sun, and under experienced guidance anchor to the leeward of the fleet, until he can entice the mottled backed tribes of the sea about him. If the morning be favorable and the fisherman lucky, he will return covered with salt water and fish scales, and accompanied by a bushel or two of fish as well as an extravagant appetite for breakfast.

July 19, 1900

Photographer Tuttle is fitting up his studio at Northport, where he will run a penny photo-machine this summer.

July 21, 1910

For Pulling Lobster Pots. Samuel Dyer of Camden was before Judge Rogers in the Belfast police court Thursday morning charged with pulling lobster pots belonging to another lobster man, also named Dyer, who lives at Vinalhaven. The Vinalhaven Dyer claimed that when he went to pull his pots off Saddle Island he saw Samuel Dyer afoul of them; that he fired a shot or two across his bows to scare him. Dyer, the respondent, said that he pulled traps to see if they were some that he had lost. Judge Rogers fined the respondent $20 and costs. Friday he paid his fine of $20 and costs, amounting in all to $38.76, and was released from jail. The case was brought first in Knox county but it was found that the island was in Waldo county.

July 15, 1920

There will be a Spiritual seance at Memorial Hall next Sunday evening with the psychic, A. Hazen Stoddard, in charge.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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