The following deed transfers were recorded from June 30 through July 6 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Carol L. Kendrick to 213 Northport LLC and Two Hundred Thirteen Northport LLC.

Joan W. Bunnell Est. to Janet L. Bachelder.

Erin Elizabeth Smith to Ronald W. Trucksess and Donna L. Trucksess.

Susan B. Bernhard to Primrose Hill LLC.

Herman J. Barr Jr. to Christopher C. Colby and Diane-Marie S. Colby.

Mark A. Dullea and Roberta J. Wheeler to Amon H. Purinton and Bethany A. Purinton.

Hartin Management LLC to Jane M. Richardson.

Cynthia Porter and Barry Porter to Richard J. Brown and Marion Goldberger.


Jane Tardiff to James H. York Jr.


David J. Spencer to Catherine L. Bagley.

Richard A. Mead to Tom F. Harms.

Margaret Mary Fitzgerald to Emily M. Hill.

Elaine B. Gurschick Credit Shelter Trust to Samuel Violette.


Linda Lee Sienkiewicz and Linda Lee Durkee to Charles Cilley and Brandy Cilley.

Margaret W. Pulliam Est. to Bayard Hollins Revocable Trust and Karen Hollins Revocable Trust.


Daniel S. Lorenz to Jonathan Lorenz.


Maple Shade Farm Properties LLC to Jessica S. Moquin and Samuel H. Gerry.


Jane Ellen Raymond to Dawn Ellen White, Cheryl Jane Leeman, Denise Margaret Hurst and Alfred M. Randall Jr.

John P. Navazio and Terri Matson to Marilyn P. Larue.

Robert Guy Atkinson to Gatesy Gates.


Frederick O. Heald Mary Pratt Est.

Mary E. Pratt Est. to Paul Prescott and Jolanta Prescot.

Alden Leigh Monberg Est. to Michael P. Hagenbuch and Yvonne M. Barlock.

Spot-On Dog Training Center LLC to McKenzie & McKeod LLC.


Loell K. Rodgers 1999 Trust to Kenneth J. Lane.


Nathan G. Spectre and Kimberly H. Spectre to Rachel C. Felson and Carlos D. DelaFuente.


Mark A. Pantalone and Cindy L. Pantalone to Elissa Knott.


Michael J. Vasiliauskas and Mary E. Vasiliauskas to Robert A. Watson and Mildred C. Watson.


John Paradiso to Patty A. O’Connell.

Edmund C. Sefton and Dorcus B. Sefton to 519 Cape Jellison Road Realty Trust and Five Hundred Nineteen Cape Jellison Road Realty Trust.


Decks Docks & Flip Flops LLC to Janice Fay Kress.

Roger T. Newcomb Administrative Trust, Linda L. Newcomb Administrative Trust, Roger T. Newcomb Living Trust and Linda L. Newcomb Living Trust to Malcolm D. Hardy.


Dillon Investments LLC to T. R. Dillon Logging Inc.


John Peter Budelman Est. to Bessey Development Company.

Patricia Pellegrino and Patricia Wright to Richard D. Pellegrino and Patricia J. Pellegrino.


Frank Bagley to Nathan D. Harrington.


John Walker to Timothy Jehnings.

Rhonda Trask Davis to Rhonda Trask Davis and Scott Frederick Davis Jr.

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