Boy, that certainly was a big moon last night! I’m sure people that live near the water really enjoyed it, biggest of the year.

The Historical Society meeting that was held Sunday afternoon in the Community Club was made very interesting by Lois Gianni talking about the Tom Thumb Wedding that was sponsored by the Pythian Sisters in 1948. There were many children here in town and they had a chance to show guests and parents their talents. My brother Harold Haley was the Groom, Georgianna Guidimore was the Bride, Gerry Rainey was the Minister, if you can believe that, he was always up to something!

Some of the kids I can remember are Elwin Boynton, Norman Boynton, Janice Boynton, Malcome McBain and many other kids. Their parents worked diligently to make their clothing from crepe paper, which turned out beautiful. A picture of the Wedding is on display at the Historical Society Building down by the cemetery.

Jack Emack and I hosted the Open House of the historic building 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 17. The next Historical Society meeting will be Sunday, Aug. 14, at the Dining Room at 2 p.m.

There will be a meeting of the group that is developing a homestead at the top of Spout Hill and  their 18-year-old daughter Michala worked on tables at the supper last Saturday night. She joined the others as though she had always been doing that. Couple of days after that her flight was canceled and being 18, the airline did not provide her with a room for the night so she played her instrument  for all that were stranded all night.

Finally found information on Kenny Pickering.The ambulance took him to EMMC Saturday night, after he fell backward, striking his head and breaking his leg. Because of HIPPA, we couldn’t find out much except they operated on his leg. Finally talked with a couple of his friends today and they said they were getting him up today for a short walk. No idea where he is going from there but believe they will put him in rehab for awhile. We’re all wishing you a good recovery, Kenny.

Elwin and Gloria Boynton went on a trip to Niagara Falls on the American side and Sam and Lois Gianni went there but on the Canadian side. Hope they all have a great trip.

Our Bean Supper was a success last Saturday night but we ran out of desserts and hot dogs. Will try to do better next month.

Election coming up Aug. 23 for one selectman for a term of three years. It will be held in the Community Building. Time will be posted later.

Until next week, be happy and enjoy life.