Our democracy is founded in the grass roots efforts of individuals. The citizens of Belfast, Northport and Waldo sent a novice to the state Legislature in 2018. Since that date Jan Dodge has served two terms representing House District 97. She is seeking a third term representing the newly formed House District 39 (Belfast, Northport and Belmont). Jan has proven to be a valued member of the Maine Legislature and a spokesperson for the people — the grassroots. Jan wasted no time joining in by submitting bills and championing others.

As an educator, Jan not only imparted knowledge — she listened. She does that today — she listens to The People as she goes about the district, gathers information and assesses needs at the source, formulates a plan, and then she acts. Her concerns and those of The People she represents run the gamut — education, aging, welfare, taxatione and the environment. Give her a platform, an occasion to listen, to learn, and to speak — Jan is there!

Jan’s ever-present smile and joyous demeanor should not belie the seriousness with which she takes her elected office. My vote is not given lightly. My vote will be given to Jan Dodge for House District 39. Please join me in casting your vote on Nov. 8 and reelecting Rep. Jan Dodge.

Reeves Gilmore