The board of directors of the Garry Owen House for homeless veterans and I would like to publicly thank all of the people who have helped us to achieve our goal. We were able to raise enough funds to purchase our homeless shelter facility. Some roadblocks occurred, though.

We were all set with the bank and its mortgage process. All we needed was an inspection. Problem was scheduling it. It would be months and, as luck would have it, I was approached by a generous man who had read about our efforts. Long story short, the fellow donated sufficient funds to allow our purchase. Another minor impediment arose. We had gone 15 days over the end of the purchase agreement and the seller raised the price by $15,000. Luckily, we now had enough money to meet that demand and were able to complete the deal.

Our thanks go to the helpful people at Viking and Mathews Brothers. Robbins Lumber was generous with building materials. John Hurley donated his painting services and Fountain Homes gave us a break on window installation. Many other unsung folks have donated food, clothing and transportation. We thank you all profusely.

Since Christmas of 2016 we have helped 50-plus vets move forward and get a better grip on their future. For more information, go to Donations can be sent to: GOH, P.O. Box 34, Liberty, ME 04949. We hope to continue our mission into the future.

Sadly, this letter also is to inform everyone that I am resigning my position as president and board member of the Garry Owen House. This will absolve me of any further responsibility for the current operation and future of the house. It is with great regret that I do this, but I must. My future is calling out to me. I leave knowing that I have done what I can and am turning over the helm to the current president and board.

Dana E. Philippi


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