I have been a citizen of Waldo County for over 40 years, and deeply appreciate the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office for its commitment to the safety of our community as well as to the health and well being of the people of Waldo County. I am writing in support of Chief Deputy Jason Trundy, in his bid to become sheriff of Waldo County, following the retirement of Sheriff Jeff Trafton.

One of the most important attributes in my opinion, of anyone running for a leadership position in law enforcement, is the willingness to learn and explore the needs of an increasingly diverse community in regard to public safety. Jason Trundy has this willingness, and commitment. I have been fortunate to work with Jason for the past two years, on the WCSO Community Study Group on Racism, Equity and Inclusion. I have found Jason to be willing to listen, to study, to be open to the exploration of what public safety means to our communities in the 21st century. This is an essential nationwide review and discussion, in my opinion, and I am pleased to be able to endorse for office Jason Trundy as someone committed to building community partnerships that both explore, and enhance public safety equally for all.

As someone committed to social justice, I believe Jason’s commitment to looking at and creating partnerships to address underlying social issues rather than looking simply to enforcement, is what will make Jason Trundy a great choice for sheriff. He has my support and I hope he will have yours, too.

Meredith Bruskin