The following deed transfers were recorded from July 7 through July 13 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


John Murphy II and Sue Murphy to Douglas Sprong and Kathleen Sprong.

April Skinner to Michelle L. Ridley and Mark R. Ridley.

Steve W. Bowler to Matthew J. Bowler.

Matthew J. Bowler to Michael Kersula and Annika Earley.

Flora W. Williams Est. and Marcellus Williams Est. to Steven K. Williams.

Judith Mathieu and Joseph Mathieu to John Cronin.

Jodelle R. Rolerson and Jodelle R. Vaughan to Dana Downs.


Yao Qiang Liu to Xiaokuai Lin.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, Jeanette A. Segerson and Daniel T. Segerson to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC.


Valerie Stone to Lori Dargon and Ashley Currier.


Matthew C. Bennett, Robert Burchsted and Kristin Burchsted to Alexis M. Bennett and Kyle L. Chase.

Renee Kitchen to Robert M. Leyden, Rhonda E. Leyden and Peter T. Leyden.

Maine Woods & Water LLC to Carrie B. Bickford and Brian S. Fuller.

Dorothy D. Williams to Sheila Sawyer and Clifton Sawyer.


Archibald Babcock LLC to Elana Kekoe.


Wayne C. Van Duysen and Audree E. Van Duysen to Michael J. Genewicz and Janet Hamilton.

Eva B. Newell Trust to Brenda Lee Newell.

David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Mercedes Reynolds and Dexton Babin.

Sandra L. St. Clair and David W. St. Clair to Karson St. Clair and Ryan St. Clair.


Nancy B. Akers Est. to Deborah Doebener.

Edward W. Mahoney to Stephen Bernard Prokop and Cristina Elizabeth Prokop.


Tammy J. Leeman, Tracy R. Cardelli and Tracy N. Cardelli  to Drew Austin Fowler.


Alexander Williams and Jamie M. Williams to Matthew Whitaker and Samantha Buckley.


Robert F. Kelley Sr. Est. to Merl B. Annis III, Ryan M. Annis and Kristen K. Dickison.


Peter Maresh to Andrea L. Crawford.

JL Robbins Trust to Nathan G. Spectre and Kimberly H. Spectre.

Christopher Alderson, Denise Alderson and Denise R. Alderson to Jeremy Roberts and Morgan Roberts.

Amanda J. Baker to Amanda J. Baker.


Steven Wolfe and Beverly Wolfe to Courtney Tufts.

Richard B. Nickerson and Janice Nickerson to Victor E. Mazza and Amber N. Mazza.


Kenneth A. Fay Est. to Randall Cornelius.

Ralph L. Hall Sr. and Gloria J. Hall to Mark Thomas and Adele Simpson.


Philip G. Marcum and Patricia L. Marcdum to Explore Maine LLC.

Teresa L. Hustus and Teresa L. Howie to Jonathan D. Ingersoll and Faith A. Ingersoll.

Adam Majowicz to Justin Olsen and Nancy Shaw.


Christine Hubbard Est. to Bruce Cook Jr.


Maine State Grange P of H to Owen S. Shugard and Leslee P. Shugard.


Albert Russell Wing Est. to Van Ngoc Dong.


Benjamin J. Verrill to Benjamin J. Verrill and Alyssa J. Verrill.


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