As I’m sitting here writing the news it is so very hot and humid, I hope everyone is staying cool and drinking plenty of water.


Happy birthday to Denise Loper on July 31.


Happy anniversary to Ruth and Jeremy Richards.


Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Gary Sheldon who passed away. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sorry I didn’t have any news last week but I was on vacation. Justin, Kyra, Drake, Elizabeth and I went camping at Lily Bay in Greenville for six days. Then Huston Mathis, Abby and Daxton came up and camped. We all had such a wonderful time.

Volunteer Fire Department notes

Fairly quiet again. The most recent call was for an automobile accident versus a deer on Route 3.

The department and Auxiliary members are busy selling raffle tickets for a Henry lever-action rifle.

On Tuesday evening, July 12, Chief Rowlands, Assistant Chief Markham, Cap. Simmons, Lt. Greeley, firefighters Skye, Andrew, Pat and Jethro, along with two Morrill residents, attended a first aid refresher course taught by Paramedic Debbie Heath at the Belfast Fire Station. This was followed by a refresher on CPR and the use of the AED machine.

These same courses will be taught from scratch in the fall for our newer members.

Training is always available for those who wish to improve their skills and you can be proud of your department members giving of their time to prepare for assisting their neighbors.

The department is still looking for volunteers to take a turn or two mowing the lawn. Contact Chief Dean or Jethro to volunteer.

A second easy and inexpensive way to assist the department is giving a 12-pack or two of soda. If you purchase at the Morrill Store, they will hold and give to Dean or Jethro. A big thank-you to the lady who brought a 12-pack of Coke and Diet Coke out to Jethro last weekend while he was selling raffles in the store parking lot.

Quote of the week

Someday, everything will make sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. — boomsumo.com