BELFAST ­— The Waldo County Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday, July 20, to approve a plan to settle a boundary dispute between Waldo and neighboring Knox County over the Islesboro archipelago.

The commissioners approved a plan that would keep Lasell Island, Mark Island, Mouse Island, Goose Island and Saddle Island in Waldo County. As part of the agreement, Robinson Rock would be part of Knox County.

Commissioner Amy Fowler said Robinson Rock had always been in Waldo County, going back to at least 1910, but she said at this point instead of dragging the matter out, the commission should agree with the most recent map, which puts Robinson Rock in Knox County.

“I am not going to argue over a rock,” Fowler said.

During the meeting, the commissioners were unsure whether Knox County had made a decision regarding the dispute. Fowler said she didn’t want to speak for Knox County, but it was her understanding the Knox commissioners were in agreement with the latest map dated June 9.

The Knox County Commissioners had voted unanimously June 14 to support the plan to settle the boundary between Knox and Waldo County.

The issue first arose two years ago when the Census Bureau began its preliminary work.

Sen. Chip Curry, D-Belfast, sponsored a bill to settle the matter, but the Legislature’s State and Local Government Committee asked Knox and Waldo counties to try to work out the dispute before a bill would be considered.

Curry stated earlier this year that a U.S. Census team concluded after reviewing tax, deed and legislative documents that the boundary between Waldo and Knox counties was not accurate in Penobscot Bay by Lassell Island. Lassell Island appears in Knox County on maps, but is in Waldo County in tax and deed records.

“A review of legislative documents showed that the entire Islesboro archipelago is in Waldo County, and there was no legislation transferring any of the islands into Knox County. The Waldo County Commissioners theorize that around 70 years ago, there was a cartographic error that has been continuously carried over for decades. In essence, this legislation aims to resolve the inconsistencies with tax and deed records as well as our legislative processes,” Curry stated in his written testimony to the Committee in January.

Lassell Island consists of 105 acres of which five people or limited liability corporations own all the land.