Greetings from the vessel Red,
I am a retired teacher and avid sailor who has been sailing the coast of New England for 50 years. My boat Red is a 23-foot sloop that I live on much of the summer. In my voyages I have dealt with many harbormasters and marina owners over the years. Knowing that it is a challenging job in the best of harbors has tempered my response to abrasive harbormasters and boatyard managers. I sail a small sailboat, not a yacht, and it is difficult sometimes to get treated fairly. I happened to sail to Belfast to connect with a past student, Luke Olsen, who now works on the Belfast waterfront. Luke introduced me to the harbormaster, Kathy Given, who explained the town dock services and helped me out. I found Kathy to be very capable and not only treated me fairly but was very professional. As a result of the hospitality I have received in Belfast I called my wife in New Hampshire and she drove up to meet me and spent a few days in Belfast. We went to many restaurants and cafes, found great food and shopped for goods. We enjoyed the harborfront and I found important gear I needed for my sailboat at local stores. Kudos to your harbormaster, Belfast is my new destination!
Andrew Bills
Troy, N.H.
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