The following deed transfers were recorded from July 14 through July 20 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Gary P. Guida to Kim M. Zahares.

William Scott Kemper and Catherine Anne Kemper to W. Scott & Catherine Anne Kemper Trusts.

Helen S. Higgins Est. to Ann Elise Burke.

Spillover Lodging Inc. to Left Easkey LC.

Loell K. Rodgers 1999 Trust to Wendy J. Butler and Wendi J. Butler.

Margaret Spencer-Smith to Patricia J. Duffy.

Ronald A. Braybrook and Diane C. Braybrook to Paulette Y. Coty.

Lohman Gardiner Jr. to Marcia Gardiner and Kristan Nickels.

Nicholas Hodgdon to David Riley.

Dennis Ward Welsh and Anne Gilbert Ball to Kevin Spigel.


Ali Alali and Ahmed Al Abbas to Nicholas Miller and Jocelyn Buys.


Elaine B. Gurschick Credit Shelter Trust to T R Dillon Logging.

Luke T. Donahue to Colleen R. Hanlon-Smith.


Janice Leach and Janice Eileen Bethune to Joshua Leach and Janice Leach.

Marilyn S. Wenner and David L. Wenner to Philippe Selendy and Jennifer Selendy.

Ferry Road Trust to Richard V. De Grasse and Kathleen K. De Grasse.


Ann M. Diano to Matthew R. Diano.

Jean Haynes to Pamela Person, Janet B. Haynes, David Scott Haynes and Stephen Haynes.


John A. Gurney and Elizabeth J. Dunn to Mark Meyer and Jill Meyer.

Dillon S. Dougherty and Penelope Johnson Dougherty to Miles Terence Mills and Lesley Eva Bristol.


Bucktail LLC to Lauren M. Moody and Devan M. Moody.

Bucktail LLC to Winona J. Clements and Jeffrey F. Clements.


Robert A. Leroy and Arlene Hadley to Susan M. O’Keeffe.


Renewal Investments LLC to Michael Theron Hathaway and Bethany H. Hathaway.


Brandon R. O’Clair and Paul R. Doyon Jr. to Cameron R. Betts and Heather A. Betts.


Robert H. Lambeth to Nicole Tucker.

William R. Swift Jr. to William R. Swift Jr. and Vicki M. Commeau.


Charles S. Costello Jr. Est. to Judson C. Colby and Chayann Colby.

Robert J. Perdrizet Living Trust to Grace Perdrizet.


Bradley J. Esty to Patricia H. Hardenbergh.

Midcoast Ventures LLC to Peter Robbins and Pamela Robbins.

Midcoast Ventures LLC to Joseph J. Calista.


Jarod Phillips, Jake Adam and Dustin Adam to Maine Partners LLC.

Carolyn S. Brown to Spaulding Brown Trust.


Dillon J. Welch to Leah Sawtelle and Eric J. Sawtelle.


Margaret Welch and Billy G. Collins to Baird Welch-Collins.


Jodi F. Ashey to Steven J. Clisham, Melanie F. Clisham.

Stacy L. Thibideau and Michael D. Thibodeau to Selina Thomsen and Kaj Aldege Thomsen.

Robert W. Rowe and Delina A. Rowe to William S. Nealley.

Rhonda Trask Davis and Scott Frederick Davis Jr. to Rhonda Trask Davis, Scott Frederick Davis Jr. and Karen Ann Cookson.