Lions and tigers and bears

Reports of black bears continue pouring in. At this rate, the town may need to add a “bear” category to the annual population report.

It also means that residents should be proactive in keeping bears away. This includes keeping trash in a closed container and cleaning grills thoroughly, or better yet, if a gas grill, store in an outbuilding after using. Bears also frequent bird feeders, but at that I draw the line. If and when a bear attacks my feeder, I’ll take it down. But until then, the feeder remains operational.

To add to our wildlife news, I hear that another mountain lion has shown itself. It’s “Wild Kingdom” here, for sure.

In the garden

Green and wax beans are producing like mad. Summer squash made a splashy debut and now have slowed down. Herbs have matured and corn is beginning to show tassels. My one tomato plant has grown as big around as it is tall and is filled with green tomatoes. Can things get much better?

History note

From The Republican Journal, August 20, 1914: “The hay in this vicinity is not all cut. On account of bad weather the farmers have made very slow progress.”

Weekly quote

“Fairest of months! Ripe Summer’s Queen

The hey-day of the year

With robes that gleam with a dusty sheen

Sweet August doth appear.” — R. Combe Miller