NORTHPORT — The following is news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Sunday, July 31, in points quota play, the team of Jesse Johnson, Jake Thompson, Rick Cronin and Steve Stanford finished first at 122; and Bob Delio, Greg McDaniel, John Chouinard and Cecil Eastman, along with Jenna Caler, Joe Holmes, Tim Riley and Bob Wood, as well as Lisa Desmarteau, Butch Norman, Kelsey Richards and John Herzberg, tied second at 120.

For Class A, Jesse Johnson and Jake Thompson finished tied first gross 74; Randy Berry, third gross 76; Greg McDaniel and Butch Norman, tied first net 69; and Bob Delio and Jenna Caler, tied third net 71.

For ClassB, Tim Riley finished first gross 83; Butch Littlefield, second gross 89; John Lloyd-Still, third gross 93; Phil Bowen, first net 70; Kelsey Richards, second net 72; and Lee Robinson, third net 73,

Class A pins: Butch Norman, 16-8 on the third hole; Rick Cronin, 25-4 on the ninth; Jim Kunkel, 13-1 on the 12th; and Jake Thompson, 9-0 on the 18th.

Class B pins: Hank Mattson, 34-0 on the third; Harvey Peterson, 13-0 on the ninth; Lee Robinson, 10-4 on the 12th; and Bob Wood, 37-0 on the 18th.

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