Hello Monroe!

Oliver, Nolan and I just returned from a multiple day vacation to a camp on East Grand Lake in Weston.

Oliver enjoyed seeing the wild rabbits on the lawn of the property and walking to the nearby campground to visit with friends and family each day. We had to pass a “Champion Grader with a York Rake on the back” each time we visited, and my favorite 3-year-old couldn’t have been more thrilled. He pointed it out, each and every time.

Oliver with the Champion Grader with a York Rake along the camp road in Weston. Photo by Ashlie Stubbs

Nolan’s daily jam included splashing in the water and getting properly dirty playing in the sand beach volleyball court whenever I would plop him down.

We enjoyed our time away, but are happy to be back home in Monroe.

Eating well while camping! Chicken lo mein prepared on a griddle by columnist’s sister, Chelsie. Photo by Ashlie Stubbs

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday this August to some of Monroe’s finest: Sarah Sholes, Allison Pooler and Pamela Hedden (1st), Morgan Murphy (4th), Kate Faragher Houghton (7th), Antoinette Purinton (8th), Brooklynn Brown (10th), Betsy Samuelson and Sophia Tripp (19th), Whitney Aitken and Kelli DiTullio (24th), and Elizabeth Hustus (29th).

Gesner Park event

Stay tuned for the exact date and time, but plan on attending an evening ice cream social (with the possible inclusion of scrumptious pie from the Monroe Church!) at Gesner Park in Monroe the week of Aug. 22.

The soccer field should be lined and goals up so that kids can run about, and sign ups for Mites (grades 1, 2 and 3) and Majors (grades 4, 5 and 6) soccer teams will also take place that evening. The cost is $25 for one player, or $35 for two or more.

Not a soccer player? Don’t have a soccer player to sign up? We’d still love to see you! Come enjoy some cold ice cream and catch up with friends and neighbors at our town park.

Have a great week!




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