This will be a small column today as I haven’t the strength do much of anything. Tuesday night I came down with COVID in grand style. I have had both my shots and two boosters, which I’m glad I did as if I hadn’t, I don’t know how it could have been much worse. And then my diverticulitis joined the COVID and I was in misery.

My good friend Jenn McVeigh stayed with me Wednesday night; neither one of us got much sleep but it was nice that she cared enough to do it. Now I am feeling better but just want to lie down and sleep. I’m glad that I came down with it on Tuesday night as I have to see Dr. Green Aug. 1 for a consult on my surgery Aug. 25 to have my shoulder built. Hope this won’t prolong my surgery beyond Aug. 25. It has been changed once already.

I still have my sense of smell and taste, but do not feel like eating. I have enough blubber to get me through so I’ll make it all right! My daughter Rosemarie also is suffering from COVID.

I’ll see you next week.