LINCOLNVILLE — The Select Board met July 25 with appointments and updates dominating the agenda.

Town Administrator David Kinney opened the meeting with updates on discussions with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to recoup some of the $34,000 expended on storm damage last winter.

“We hope to recover at least some of these funds,” Kinney said. “Discussions are ongoing and I will provide more updates in the future. “

Kinney also outlined the ongoing repair work at Penobscot Park. Kinney noted that handrails to the stair leading to the shore will be installed next week, as will minor repairs to the picnic shelters.

Following the town administrator’s report, board members met with Planning Board candidate Dick Butler. Butler has a background in real estate and served three years on the Stockton Springs Planning Board.

“I’ve read through the (Lincolnville) Planning Board minutes from the last few years,” Butler said. “I don’t see anything much different from what we were doing in Stockton Springs.

The board approved Butler’s appointment to the Planning Board, a term that expires in 2025.

Two more committee appointments to the Lakes & Ponds Committee were tabled because the candidates were not in attendance.

The board also tabled a report from the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee in order to receive more specific information.

The board also directed Kinney to enter into a purchase and sale agreement for town-owned land valued at $75,000 located at Map 22, Lot 28 on the tax map. Kinney was also directed to enter into contract talks with R.J.D. Appraisal for services they will provide for the town’s upcoming revaluation. The cost of those services is anticipated to be $215,000.

The next meeting of the Lincolnville Select Board will be on Monday, Aug. 8 at 6 p.m.