WISCASSET — The 350 SMAC Tour made its return to Wiscasset Speedway on Saturday, July 30 for the highly-anticipated Bentley Warren Classic.

The 350 SMAC Tour brings the thrill of Super Modifieds to tracks across New England and Wiscasset Speedway was the home of excitement on Saturday night with an action-packed program that included the touring series and weekly Group 1 divisions. The race, entitled the “Bentley Warren Classic,” was the sixth event of the season and paid homage to the Maine and Super Modified racing legend Bentley Warren.

Super Street top three: Richard Pelton of Scarborough (1st), Matt Beers of Farmingdale (2nd) and Bill Pinkham of Wiscasset (3rd). Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

The racing action kicked off with a 25-lap feature from the Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pro Division. Andy Kaherl took off with the early lead in the feature and led the charge until lap seven, where he was overtaken by Sylas Ripley. Reed Reno, who made his first start as a fourth generation driver at Wiscasset, took a spin on lap 20 in addition to Josh Hall. This resulted in a late-race caution. Ripley powered ahead on the restart, but chaos erupted behind the leader as Ben Burgess made hard contact with Callahan Cox. The race ended under yellow-checkered conditions as Ripley took the checkered flag. Burgess was penalized due to the late-race contact and Daniel Harding and Taylor Lane rounded out the official top three.

Following driver introductions, 16 Super Modified drivers took to the track for their 45-lap main event. Kenny White took off with a hardy lead early, and extended his advantage to half a straightaway by lap three. White began to approach lap traffic on lap 11 and while he attempted to put Matt Merry a lap down, the drivers made hard contact in turn three. This resulted in a red flag and the drivers were fortunate to walk away under their own power. The unfortunate incident catapulted Bobby Timmons into the top spot, as he began to pull away from his competitors.

Thunder Minis top three: Zach Audet of Norridgewock (1st), Shane Webber of New Vinyard (2nd) and Jeff Farrington of Alna (3rd). Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

A red flag for a four-car pile-up on lap 14 brought the field together, but Timmons was able to maintain his advantage on the restart. He extended his lead to a full straightaway by lap 25 and began to approach heavy lap traffic with 10 laps to go. Timmons held strong through the finish to pick up his second 350 SMAC Tour victory of the season and first career win at Wiscasset Speedway. Dave Helliwell and Ben Tinker rounded out the top three.

Bill Pinkham held the early command in the 30-lap Market 27 Super Streets feature. A pile-up at the tail end of the pack brought the field together early, but Pinkham held his lead after the restart. Bubba Pelton also was on the move early, as he overtook Matt Beers for the runner-up spot on lap seven before taking over the top spot on lap 10. Pelton held a full straightaway lead by lap 20, but began to approach heavy lap traffic in the closing laps of the feature. Pelton maneuvered through the pack, to pick up his second feature victory of the season. Matt Beers and Bill Pinkham rounded out the podium.

Pro Stock top three: Kevin Douglass of Sidney (1st), Logan Melcher of Fayette (2nd) and Kelly Moore of Scarborough (3rd). Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

Gunner Josselyn took off with the early lead in the 25-lap Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Mini feature. Zach Audet and Derek Cook tangled on lap four, which resulted in an early caution. Cook retired to the pits after the incident, while Audet was forced to restart at the end of the field. Audet cut the field in half after the restart, while Jeff Farrington powered to the lead over Josselyn. Audet still was on the move and riding Jeff Farrington’s heels, as he quickly overtook the top spot. Audet held off hard-charging Shane Webber in the closing laps of the feature, to score his third feature victory of the season in the division. Jeff Farrington rounded out the top three.

The Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks rounded out the night with a final 40-lap feature. Logan Melcher took off with the early lead over Steve Chicoine, but Kevin Douglass was on the move early. Douglass began to blister through the field, as he took over the runner-up spot on lap nine. He continued his pursuit in the subsequent laps, as he pulled to the lead over Logan Melcher on lap 12. Douglass extended his edge to a full straightaway by the halfway point of the race and never looked back, as he secured his fourth feature victory of the season. Logan Melcher and Kelly Moore followed, as they rounded out the top three.

350 SMAC Super Modifieds Bentley Warren Classic winner Bobby Timmons III of Windham. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

The individual racing results for July 30 were:

Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pro (25 laps) – 1, Sylas Ripley, Warren; 2, Daniel Harding, Fairfield; 3, Taylor Lane, Phillips; 4, Josh Hall, Mount Vernon; 5, Andy Kaherl, Saco; 6, Callahan Cox, Harrison; 7, Ben Burgess, Hartford; and 8, Reed Reno, West Bath.

Market 27 Super Streets (30 laps) – 1, Richard Pelton, Scarborough; 2, Matt Beers, Farmingdale; 3, Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset; 4, P.J. Merrill, Canton; 5, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 6, Nicole Benincasa, Buxton; 7, Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 8, Sean Johnson, Oakland; 9, Dominic Curit, Saco; 10, Colby Peacock, Yarmouth; 11, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 12, Nick Morton, Woolwich; 13, Glen Reynolds, Turner; 14, Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 15, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 16, David Greeleaf, Westport; and 17, Darrick Barker, Durham.

Scene from 350 SMAC Super Modifieds Bentley Warren Classic. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Minis (25 laps) – 1, Zach Audet, Norridgewock; 2, Shane Webber, New Vinyard; 3, Jeff Farrington, Alna; 4, Ricky Austin, Norridgewock; 5, Bruce Hall Jr., Chesterville; 6, Michael Golding, Pownal; 7, Gunner Josselyn, New Vinyard; 8, Steve Hall, Sebago; 9, Adreonna Dodge, Freeport; 10, Ches Williams, Hope; 11, Ralph Green, Sabattus; 12, Ricky McEachern, Starks; 13, Joshua Hall, Sebago; 14, Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; 15, John Anderson, Bristol; and 16, Austin Dodge, Freeport.

Norm’s Used Car Pro Stocks (40 laps) – 1, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 2, Logan Melcher, Fayette; 3, Kelly Moore, Scarborough; 4, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 5, Steven Chicoine, Windsor; 6, Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; 7, Dave Getchell, Cornville; 8, Joe Harriman, Montville; 9, Miller Buzzell, East Baldwin; and 10, Jamie Wright, Woolwich.

Scene from 350 SMAC Super Modifieds Bentley Warren Classic. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

350 SMAC Super Modifieds Bentley Warren Classic (45 laps) – 1, Bobby Timmons III, Windham; 2, Dave Helliwell, Manchester, N.H.; 3, Ben Tinker, New Gloucester; 4, Sparky MacGyver, Sandown, N.H.; 5, Mike Keddy, Raymond, N.H.; 6, Scott Watts Sr., Seabrook, N.H.; 7, Stephen Duphily, Plaistow, N.H.; 8, Nette Humphrey, Cornish; 9, Mike Spurling, Rochester, N.H.; 10, Matt Caprara, Clayton, N.H.; 11, P.J. Stergios, Candra, N.H.; 12, Matt Seavey, Pittsfield, N.H.; 13, James Witkum, Methuen, Mass.; 14, Kenny White, Weare, N.H.; 15, Matt Merry, Plaistown, N.H.; and 16, Jason Phillips, Haverhill, Mass.

Amy Harrop works for Wiscasset Speedway.