NORTHPORT — Local authors Linda Buckmaster and Elizabeth Garber bring salt air and the life of the sea to Bayside Community Hall, 813 Shore Road, in readings from their new books Sunday, Aug. 14, at 7:30 p.m.

In “Elemental: A Miscellany of Salt Cod and Islands,” Buckmaster follows the call of rock, sea, sky and wind in her creative and eclectic response to the beauty and realities of island life. In diverse prose and poetry she traces the imprint of the lowly salt cod over time on coastal communities in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Previously an editor for National Fisherman, and former poet laureate of Belfast, Buckmaster knits fact and lyric into her book, which was published in March by Huntress Press.

“Sailing at the Edge of Disaster: A Memoir of a Young Woman’s Daring Year” is poet Garber’s coming-of-age adventure memoir, depicting the harrowing school year she spent onboard an old square-rigger. Surviving piracy, a near sinking, an encounter with a nuclear sub, and being held hostage by armed gun boats in Panama, Garber and 50 other students emerged seasoned by the sea. Garber’s book will be published this fall by Toad Hall editions.