Aug. 9, 1832

New potatoes were brought to this market, on Saturday 4th inst.

Aug. 8, 1851

Messrs. White & Conner will probably go somewhat ahead of any of the enterprising shipbuilders of this immediate section of the state. They have on the stocks, a clipper ship of about 800 tons, the largest ever built here. She is on a model which drew a premium in the Mechanics Fair at Boston two years ago. Her frame is of N. H. white oak.—all ceiling and planking best southern hard pine. She is heavily fastened, and in all her workmanship the most approved manner is preserved in every particular. She will be launched in October.

Drawing.—We have observed (as no doubt many of our village readers have,) some beautiful specimens of drawing, in the bookstores of Mr. Washburn and Caldwell. They are scenery sketches, in crayon and in the new style of Monochromatic drawing. Some are finely colored, and, to our mind, they all evince a rare degree of taste and skill. They are by a young lady of this town, Miss D. A. Scott. Miss S. contemplates teaching in this village, we learn.

Aug. 8, 1872

Base Ball. The visit of the famous Boston Red Stocking Base Ball Club to our city on Tuesday, the 6th inst., was an unusual treat to the lovers of the national game in our midst. It was not to be expected that the Pastimes could do a great deal against this famed organization, as they stand far in advance of all professional clubs in this or probably any country, but had our boys kept cool and played with their accustomed ease, they would have kept the score down to a much smaller figure. The heavy batting of the Bostons together with the lose fielding of the Pastimes served to give the famous club a score of thirty-five of the Pastimes one.

Aug. 4, 1892

The Journal has frequently called attention to the unsightly condition of the grounds about the Memorial building, and is glad to be able to announce that the city government is to move in the matter. At the last meeting of the city council it was voted to proceed with the work of improvement. Concrete walks are to be made on Church and High streets, the lawn sodded down, and an ornamental fountain placed on Church street.

Aug. 8, 1912

Bernes O. Norton has sold 17 Buick cars thus far this season.

The thirtieth annual session of Temple Heights Spiritualist camp meeting opens Saturday, Aug. 10th, and will close Sunday, August 18th.

Aug. 10, 1922

The local operators on duty last Friday at 6.25 p. m. observed the general orders of the company to cease work and stand for one minute in honor of the late Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the system, whose funeral took place at that time. The minute’s wait caused no serious inconvenience, but was sufficient to pay the company’s respects to the noted man.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.