BELFAST — The following divorces were recorded at Fifth District Court from June 21, 2022, to July 5, 2022, on grounds of irreconcilable differences:

Elmer K. Sweetland Jr. and Stacey L. Sweetland, married 5/5/2007, shared parental rights of three minor children, primary residence to Stacey L. Sweetland.

Mylissa A. C. Keene and Travis J. Keene, married 8/29/2009, Mylissa A. C. Keene granted right to change name to Mylissa Anne Collins.

Erika K. Chapman and Glen D. Chapman, married Oct. 3, 2020, Erika K. Chapman granted right to change name to Erika Kristi Chapman.

Cassandra Robin Cookson and Sean David Cookson, married Aug. 15, 2012, Cassandra Robin Cookson granted right to change name to Cassandra Robin Kendra Cookson.

Tamera Howard-Doliber and Crystal Howard-Dobliber, married May 26, 2014, Crystal Howard Dobliber granted right to change name to Crystal Dawn Howard.


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