The following deed transfers were recorded from July 21 through July 27 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Roland A. Littlefield to Jeffrey Littlefield.

CCSC Real Estate LLC to Katherine Loblein and John Gibbs.


Gary L. Cross Est. to Carrie A. Cross Est.

Douglas H. Cross Est. to Carrie A. Cross Est.

Simpson Motors LLC to Louis Scalzo and Claire A. Scalzo.

Terrence A. Bradshaw to John F. Smith and Barbara F. Smith.


T.R. Dillon Logging Inc. to Rock Maple Land & Forest LLC.

On Golden Pond LLC to Equanimty Maine LLC.


Michael G. Collins and Bonnie G. Bird to Michael G. Collins & Bonnie G. Bird Revocable Trust.


Duane LaHaye to Robert R. Daigle.

Delbert H. Dodge to Edward Sheppard II and Michelle Sheppard.

Childrens Fire LLC to Shelby Heritage.


John F. Welch and Constance H. Welch to Bought With Dough LLC.

Allen R. Brackett Revocable Trust to Marguerite J. Brackett Revocable Trust.

Russell A. Pepler and Elaine J. Pepler to Dean A. Leonard and Carrie P. Leonard.


Town of Lincolnville to Walter Lamont Jr.

Stephanie Thostenson-Hammond to Douglas J. Hammond.


David W. Tripp, Kristen K. Tripp and Aiden James Tripp to Kyle Tripp.


Juanita E. Worthing to Juanita E. Worthing, Diane E. Benner and Donna E. Stanley.


Grady A. Witt to Ariel Jensine Durkee and Linda Durkee Gallant.


Roman Cooper to Brittany Ariel Cooper.


James A. LeClair and Patricia C. LeClair to Jason Michael Zink and Rachel Marie Zink.

Paul W. Overgaag and Brynna Ledyard to Linda M. Andrews and Byron J. Andrews.

Mary O. Luce to Dana Luce.


Cheyenne J. Barnes to Larry Farrington.


Margaret Nugent to Joshua Shorey.


James W. Hawxwell and Russell K. Davis to Robbins Lumber Inc.

David L. Marceau to Anna Krahn and Karl Krahn.


Kathy D. Morin to 140 Mt. Ephriam LLC and One Hundred Forty Mt. Ephraim LLC.

Neil Woodside and Susan Woodside to P. James Nicholson and Faye W. Nicholson.

Dennis Wood and Patsy Wood to Mark M. Thomas and Adele K. Simpson.

Matthew W. Stahl to Matthew Wheelock Stahl and Kristin Marie Hoffman.

Richard M. Stevens and Joyce E. Stevens to Adrian J. Ellis Sr. and Lori O’Donnell.

Adrian J. Ellis Sr., Lori O’Donnell and Lorri O’Donnell to Richard M. Stevens and Joyce E. Stevens.


Brogan E. Tooley to Garrett Ragland.

Karen L. Hendrickson to Tara Nichols Henderson and Sam B. Henderson.

Brent Holiday to Dongmei Wang.


Town of Swanville to Darrin Riley, Craig Riley, Wayne Riley and Lisa Riley.

Willard R. Ellis to Shirley Ellis and Scott Ellis.

Todd Cook to Gloria Jean Curtier.

Randolph A. Mailloux and Jeremy M. Marden to John Schnyer and Mary Joy Schnyer.

Michael L. Harvey Est. to Glen Harvey.


Michael L. McCormick to Darren P. Wren.


Belinda S. Jamison to Todd James and Mary-Lee James.

Michael L. Cox Jr. and Grace M. Cox to Richard A. Goyer and Carolyn S. Goyer.

Town of Winterport to Teresa Sutherland.

Teresa Sutherland to Dow Holdings LLC.

James D. Swett Living Trust to Steven Long and Elizabeth Castro.



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