Welcome to the hot month of August and if you had a birthday or an anniversary, I hope it was a great day.

Note to self, have screen door installed for next spring. They are driving me crazy buzzing around.

If Sarah doesn’t have her baby by next Tuesday, they are going to induce her. They estimate the baby now weighs around 8 1/2 lbs. With this heat and weight, she has been very uncomfortable.

Sorry we had to cancel the Bean Supper for August but there were too many people sick and too many losses. Pray that next month will be better.

Still need prayers for some of our people that are sick. Bill Swift is one of those in need of prayers. He has been fighting a losing battle for some time with cancer throughout his body.

Jenn McVeigh is recovering well from COVID, sounds like herself again. She was able to get the pills which I couldn’t as I take Plavix. I still have no energy but hope some day soon I will.

I wanted to attend the American Legion Yard Sale this weekend, but I have to get stronger.

Daisy has been real good about my lying down so I have taken my wheelchair, which she doesn’t care for, a couple of times outside and rode around the driveway. My daughter Rosemarie and companion Rich brought up a wheelchair for me, which is motorized. Rich built a ramp in the kitchen to the shed and then one from shed to garage. I have been practicing with it with minor dents in the woodwork and scraped white paint on the side. Thanks, guys. I don’t want to rely on using it all the time but some handy to have.

I have been fighting with the internet all day to get my column done. It kicks out, let it rest for awhile and then reset it again. I have my fingers crossed that I will get this done.

Will see you all next week.