Hello Waldo; what a long, hot summer it is turning out to be! The signs of how dry it is are everywhere; the washboard that has developed on our local dirt roads, field edges turning straw colored, a notable dip in lawn mower activity, and so on.

We do our best to keep cool in the house during the hottest hours of the day, and pad around barefoot in the evenings, drifting from one berry patch to another (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries).

I have heard that some residents on Wescott Stream Road are frustrated with the condition of the road and that no one will fix it. There are concerns about people who are disabled being able to get out at times. Someone said they felt like the town officials will not help.

I was recently running on Ed Nickerson Road (the other end of Wescott Stream Road) and there were two new plastic culverts on the side of the road there, so maybe help is coming soon.

Perennials that are doing well with little maintenance and no water are astilbe, lilies (both day lilies and asiatic), and bee balm, all of which come in a large array of color. This year we have a bunch of echinacea planted around the property and the monarch butterfly activity is unmatched. There has also been unmatched Japanese beetle activity, but so it goes.

I have been meaning to call a Select Board member and find out what they’re working on these days, but admittedly, since the spring, I’ve been feeling pretty turned off by how things are run and the loudest voices always seeming to be the people who never want to see any change and it’s disheartening. As a younger family here, sometimes it makes us just want to leave.

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