BELFAST — Belfast artist Lewis Cisle continues to be the featured artist at Camden National Bank, 156 Main St. Cisle displays both his traditional local landscapes and some of his more abstract work.

“[I am] so glad to keep sharing my work with the wonderful people at Camden National and all their customers,” said Cisle. “It’s a welcome opportunity for me to show some of my more colorful work.”

The public is invited to look at his work through the month of September at the downtown Camden National Bank, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram @lewiscislepainter to see his range of wildlife, allegorical and abstract paintings. Call for an appointment at 207-505-5995 for a private viewing in his Belfast studio.

“Girl With Vulturine Parrot” by Lewis Cisle.

“Chickadee and Sunflowers” by Lewis Cisle.