NORTHPORT — The following is news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6-7, in the annual member-guest tournament, Terry Whitney and Dave Ames teamed to finish as overall champions. Whitney and Ames came out of the fifth flight to grab top honors.

Additionally, Chad Place and Matt LaHaye combined to finish second and Steve Drake and Logan Carmen third.

The top duos in each flight were:

First Flight — 1, Kevin Dains and Scott McPherson; and 2, Preston Ward and Eric Lacroix.

Second Flight — 1, Steve Drake and Logan Carmen; and 2, Butch Littlefield and Jack Martel.

Third Flight — 1, Larry Quinn and Allen Holmes; and 2, Rick Cronin and Brill Williams.

Fourth Flight — 1, Steve Stanford and Bert Bailey; and 2, Dave Wentworth and Jeff Smith.

Fifth Flight— 1, Terry Whitney and Dave Ames; and 2, Bruce Spaulding and Mitch Spaulding.

Sixth Flight — 1, Chad Place and Matt LaHaye; and Kevin Nickerson and Shannon Gray.

Seventh Flight — 1, Alan Blood and Greg Skafidas; and 2, Chad Otis and Ryan Otis.

Eighth Flight — 1, Dave Potvin and Devin Potvin; and 2, Jim Boulier and Barry McCluskey.

Ninth Flight — 1, Duke Marston and Tim Thompson; and 2, Doug Wentworth and Brendan Wentworth.

On Wednesday, Aug. 10, in scotch foursome play, Jeff Dutch and Elaine Bielenberg finished first gross 36; Jim Desmarteau and Lisa Desmarteau, along with John Sapoch and Jamie Sapoch, tied second gross 38; Keith Wass and Marcy Wass, first net 29; Steve Drake and Shirley Caler, second net 30; Jim Boulier and Brenda Boulier, third net 30.5; and Slim Peaslee and Barb Peaslee, as well as Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, and Larry Jones and Sharon DeHayes, tied fourth net 31.5.

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, in twilight league play, for Class A, Terry Whitney finished first gross 36; Randy Berry and Kevin Dains, tied second gross 37; Kevin Nickerson, first net 34; Mike Webber, second net 35; and Caden Nickerson and Butch Norman, tied third net 36.

For Class B, Dan Eaton finished first gross 43; Butch Littlefield, second gross 44; Greg Dutch, third gross 46; Mike Lannan, first net 29; Phil Bowen, second net 32; and Don Pendergast, third net 36.

Class A pins: Terry Whitney, 20-4 on the 12th hole; and Skip Brown, 5-2 on the 18th.

Class B pin: Mike Lannan, 44-9 on the 18th.

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