In September the curtain will fall on a long run in the entertainment business for Mike Hurley.

“As they say in the business, the (Colonial) theater will go dark on Sept. 19,” Hurley said.

Hurley has owned the 112-year-old Colonial Theatre with his wife for 27 years. During that time, they transformed from a simple movie theater into something much different.

“When we bought it we thought, what is there to it, sell some popcorn and tickets,” Hurley said. “It’s much more complicated than that.”

The Colonial has added live performances to its repertoire for alternative fare and community connection.

“In the 15 months we’ve been open since COVID,” Hurley said, “we’ve hosted 39 different events outside of movies. We’ve done concerts, comedy, social issue presentations, summer camps, other groups, it’s more than a movie theater.”

The theater has been on the market for some time and Hurley says he is in discussions with potential buyers with the hope they will see its importance to the community.

The theater will continue to host weekly movies through Sept. 8.

“From Sept. 9 on we will offer free movies until it goes dark on Sept. 19.” Hurley said.

As the lights dim on the Hurleys’ entertainment career, their hope is that someone new will emerge to keep the marquee lit.

“We’re just the hosts of the community,” Hurley said. “It’s been amazing. The energy is here and I have no doubt the curtain will rise again.”