We, who have known Jan Dodge for any length of time, are impressed by her genuine concern for people, her sparkling intelligence, firm principles and tireless work ethic. These virtues are borne out by her civic involvement in Belfast and her record in Augusta.

A former educator,  Jan is a strong advocate for quality education, addressing the concerns of students and teachers. She has sponsored legislation to protect the environment, to benefit Maine seniors, and to promote commonsense gun safety. Jan is widely endorsed by environmental, labor, educational, civil rights and pro-choice organizations.

No one serving in Augusta is more principled, harder working or more empathetic than Jan Dodge. We are fortunate to be represented in Augusta by a legislator who grasps the impact of issues and the needs of her constituents. This citizen enthusiastically endorses her reelection to House District 39, representing Belfast, Belmont and Northport.Henry Wyatt