Mr. Sam Patten in a recent column on the widespread flying of the old Maine Pine Tree flag characterized it as another Democrat, deep-state conspiracy. I fly the old flag but I did not realize that, according to Sam, I am anti-human, anti-Mainer, anti-fisherman and anti-farmer!

Why doesn’t he leave us alone and instead focus his ire on those who desecrate our national flag with red lines, black lines, images of Trump, wearing apparel and MAGA slogans. I respect flags; especially our national flag and I do not like to see our national flag altered to make a political statement. Flags are symbols but they are also more than symbols because they make a statement.

Sam has inspired me, however, to research why a growing number of Mainers fly the old Pine Tree flag. What are we really saying? I bet we might find some interesting answers but I am sure we will not find a plot by Democrats to subvert the state of Maine, as he implies.

Ray Estabrook


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