The National Basketball Association rumor mill has heated as the New Jersey Nets reportedly have asked for Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown in trade for Kevin Durant. Sources have reported the Nets also initially asked for Jayson Tatum in such a player swap.

Durant’s trade request was spurred after he reportedly said it was trade him or fire the coach/general manager.

That led the MaineStay Media/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: Should the Boston Celtics trade Jaylen Brown (among, perhaps, other players) to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant?

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In a previous poll, readers were asked how they felt about the LIV Tour, which has lured golfers, including big-name players, from the PGA?

Sixty-four-point-six percent said it was unnecessary and disgraceful because it stomps on the history of the game and is funded by “blood” money, while 15.9 percent said they love it, it creates healthy competition, and they cannot wait to watch it in the future. Eleven percent said they were ambivalent, and 8.5 percent said it creates a quandary and hurts the game because the best players will be split between two non-competing tours.

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