Now this weather is better, I’m sure you appreciate it, I know I do!!!

On Aug. 9 I was blessed to become a great-grammie again. Austin Jacob Lanpher was born to my granddaughter Lisa and her husband Jeremy, weighing in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. and trying to shove his fist in his mouth. He was hungry. Austin and his cousins have given me 18 great-grandchildren plus one great-great-grandson. Don’t ask me when their birthdays are. Boggles the mind. His brother and sister (twins) were anxiously waiting for his arrival.

Travis Orcutt and family moved into their new home this past week. They have been working hard to get into their new home. They sold their trailer to a company that refurbishes old trailers and gives them a new life which was hauled away Wednesday. Sure looks different with the trailer gone. May you enjoy your new home and make many new memories.

Sadly, Karen Gross’s house was demolished by fire Wednesday night — it was a complete loss. No one home as they were camping but this is the third fire that had beleaguered the building. Wish her good luck with the situation. I don’t know any other details.

On Aug. 20, 1-3 p.m., Don and Carrol Johnson will be host and hostess at the Prospect Historical Open House. Drop by and see what else has been added. Don and Carrol have given much of their time to remodeling, collecting and cleaning trying to have something to show the townspeople some of their history. Sam and Lois Gianni have also worked hard to make improvements. Please give them all thanks.

With COVID gone from their home, Paul and Venca are entertaining her family for a couple of weeks and enjoying their beautiful flowers. Have a great time!

It doesn’t seem possible that Labor Day will be in another three weeks and there will be a lot of traffic, so drive carefully. This summer has really flown by.

Did you read the write-up about the hemp farm here in Prospect? Brooke Shield has joined the group. Wouldn’t it be nice if she came to one of our suppers in the future? We have three towns’ convenience stores in a row closed, it makes it hard to try to improve the community. Need a local gathering spot. Miss running in to get a soda or pizza.

There are applications at the Town Office that you may fill out if you reach the criteria to apply for Property Tax Stabilization Program by the state. To be eligible to freeze your property taxes, you must be 65 years old, a permanent resident of Maine, have owned a Maine homestead for at least 10 years and be eligible for exemption of the property that you are placing into the program.

Your application must be submitted by Dec. 1 to become effective April 1 of next year. This also will require that an application be filed each year thereafter.