A couple of weeks ago some of us Jackson Spinners joined the Midcoast Spinners over at the Union Fair. We had a lovely spot in the shade of some big old maples. It’s always a pleasure to share our passion with the fairgoers.

This year I took the opportunity to check out the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage which is in a building on the fairgrounds. In addition to an extensive collection of historical tools, carriages and household goods, the museum is home to the world’s ONLY Moxie (aka Maine’s Official Soft Drink) Museum. It is a truly unique, fascinating and fun trip down memory lane.

You only have a few more weeks to go visit — a great way to spend a rainy day! And you can buy a can of Moxie right there to enjoy after your visit. It’s open through the month of August, Wednesday-Saturday, noon to 4 p.m., and in September by appointment. FMI: matthewsmuseum.org.

Harbor Fest

Belfast Harbor Fest is coming up this weekend, Friday through Sunday, Aug. 19-21. I especially enjoy the cardboard boat races, which will be Sunday morning at 11. The boats are so creatively decorated and I am always surprised at how long those cardboard boats stay afloat when they race. FMI:  https://belfastharborfest.com/cardboard-boat-race/.

COVID: Alive and well

Maybe don’t let your guard down just yet. I have a friend who just worked as a vendor at the Rockland Lobster Festival the first week of August. She and over 10 other vendors all contracted COVID right after the event. As a side note, City Hall in Rockland posted that they were closed on Aug. 1 because of COVID.

I am personally aware of cases up here in Waldo County — though the Maine CDC numbers appear to be very low for us. It may be that if you self-test, and especially if you are not terribly ill, you don’t bother to tell your doctor and then it’s one less case that gets counted. Just beware.

Town Office

The next Select Board meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 6:30 p.m. Applications are now available at the Town Office for the Senior Property Tax Stabilization Program (ME LD 290). The applications are due back by Dec. 1. The program freezes your tax rate at the 2022 amount, which will be reflected in your 2023 bill. There is a drop-box for the applications in the Town Office. If you have specific questions, please call Maine Revenue Services at 207-624-5600.

Absentee ballots

Applications for absentee ballots are now available both online at maine.gov or in person at the Town Office. Though you can apply for the absentee ballot at this time, please note that the actual ballot will not be available until Oct. 7.

Jackson Food Pantry

The fourth Monday came up quick this month. If you are a client of the Jackson Food Pantry, it will be held Monday morning, Aug. 22, 9-10 a.m. If you are not a client (and from Jackson or a nearby town) and would like to be, please contact Cindy Ludden, 207-722-3205.

Jackson recycles

Jenny Tibbetts is the new Jackson representative to the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center. She shared the following. “Many have asked: When will we be able to take our recyclables to the Jackson transfer station? Hauling recyclables costs more per ton than hauling trash, and these funds were not appropriated at the 2022 Jackson town meeting. Our Select Board has agreed to include this question as an article at next year’s meeting. Then we can decide as a town if we want to continue to fund recycling collection at our transfer station.

“I look forward to the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of this issue as a town in March! Yay, democracy! In the meantime, Jackson residents can bring all their recyclable materials to UARRC. It is located at 95 Leonard Road in Thorndike (about 5 minutes from Mount View). They are open Tuesday-Friday, 9-4, and Saturday, 8-1. Closed Sunday and Monday. And note — Jackson residents can bring at no cost: electronics, refrigerators and freezers.”

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jenny and she will do her best to answer them. Please email: the.tibbetts@gmail.com

Butterfly misnamed

I received the following note from Pat Snyder, a participant in the Maine Butterfly Survey: “The nice butterfly photo on A9 of the Aug. 11 Republican Journal is misidentified. It is not a monarch; it is a viceroy, which resembles a monarch but is distinguished by the black stripe on interior of the back wing. Viceroys are abundant at the present time. Viceroy caterpillars’ food source is our native pussy willows. The caterpillars look like bird droppings on the branches — very cleverly disguised.”

Thank you, Pat!