Aug. 24, 1860

The Bangor House. The excellent accommodations furnished by Col. Larrabee, of the Bangor House, to the gentleman who attended the Douglas meeting last week, and made their head quarters at his house, was the subject of general remark. Nothing which the landlord and his polite assistants could do to render his guests comfortable was omitted. The Bangor House continues to merit its olden reputation as the best hotel east of Boston.

Aug. 19, 1880

Penny pieces are very scarce about town just at present. Merchants can hardly secure enough of them to make change.

The large number of people in town on Saturday made things lively. Shop keepers reported it one of the busiest days of the season.

The large bill board which was erected on the corner of Spring and High streets, has been, on complaint, removed to Bridge street, near Phoenix house.

Aug. 21, 1890

Prof. Whitten closed his afternoon dancing school at Odd Fellows Hall Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 13, with an exhibition ball. Fifty couples were present and the young misses were dressed mostly in white. There were about 300 spectators. The ball, like the school, was a very successful affair.

Aug. 23, 1900

A special train of three car-loads of excursionists came from Waterville yesterday forenoon, and a goodly number from Dover and Foxcroft came on the regular trains. The destination was Northport Campground, to which place the party went by steamer Castine. The special train left Belfast to return at 4.30 p. m.

Aug. 18, 1910

The Belfast barbers have all supplied themselves with Colgate’s shaving powder, which ensures an easy and luxurious shave.

The Belfast (Ireland) Harbor Board have recommended that that city expend $300,000 for dredging the harbor so that it will be possible to safely launch the big White Star Line steamers Olympic and Titanic.

Belfast, Maine, is not in a condition to make such an appropriation, nor is it necessary, as this work devolves upon the general government; but it is up to Belfast, Maine, to move in the matter that an appropriation may be secured from Congress to do the dredging in this harbor so much needed. A year or two ago the Eastern Steamship Co. expended $2,100 in dredging about its wharf at this port, and now the main channel needs attention, and should have it.

August 19, 1920

The Book Caravan Coming. The Book Caravan, under the direction of the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union of Boston, is on a trip through Maine and will reach Belfast Friday. The car will be located on School House Common and is well worth a visit by all book lovers, young and old.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.