Finally, some rain. Bangor area got 2 inches, which is a help but we still need more.

The sad news continues as JD Moody is a patient at EMMC suffering from a stroke. He is in Room 420B and would appreciate cards from friends. He had some problems with mobility and tingling of his extremities. JR is the son of Jackie Moody and she wants to sponsor a benefit supper for him as he will be out of work for some time. She will need help as she has a hard time getting around herself. Prayers are being sent for a speedy recovery.

Bill Swift passed away from cancer Aug. 18 and on Aug. 28 the family will be holding a celebration of life at his home on Ward Road here in Prospect at 2 p.m. I will not be able to attend but will always remember he was one of our Prospect kids. Sympathy to the family.

I will not be sending in a column next week as on the 25th I will have my shoulder replaced with titanium and unsure how long it takes to recuperate, and doctor says no driving for two weeks after surgery.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope to see you all soon. Stay well.