LINCOLNVILLE — Lincolnville residents, your town wants you, heart and soul.

The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee is seeking assistance in gathering valuable information from residents to inform their new plan. The last comprehensive plan was completed in 2006.

“We hope to contract with Community Heart & Soul,” said Susan Silverio, who chairs the Lincolnville Comprehensive Planning Review Committee. “They have a proven track record.”

Heart & Soul is a national organization that works with cities and towns to assist them in gathering information from residents for planning purposes. Piloted in 2002, Community Heart & Soul has done well in Maine with ambitious efforts in Bucksport and Gardiner.

On Aug. 22, the Lincolnville Select Board approved motions to throw its support to the Lincolnville Community Heart & Soul effort, to apply for a $10,000 seed grant for matching funds, and to establish an ad hoc committee for Lincolnville Community Heart & Soul.

“The Heart & Soul efforts should help the community in creating a vision for itself for the future,” said Lincolnville Town Administrator David Kinney. “That vision can then be incorporated into the work of the comprehensive plan review committee.”

If the grant is approved, an ad hoc Heart & Soul committee will be formed. Once formed, the ad hoc committee will be coached by someone contracted by Community Heart & Soul. The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee is working with consultant/coach Catherine Ingraham.

Community Heart & Soul coaches work with groups on effective ways to generate and gather information from as many community residents as possible.

“Asking people to come to a town meeting to gather feedback isn’t always effective,” Ingraham said. “Heart & Soul doesn’t ask the community to come to the table; it brings the table to the community.”

The ad hoc Lincolnville Community Heart & Soul committee would be appointed by the town. Once appointed, the committee hopes to meet on Sept. 13 at the Community Center, when the real work begins.

“The meetings will all be open to any residents that want to assist the committee and be coached by Catherine,” Silverio said.

The ad hoc Lincolnville Heart & Soul committee will then work with Ingraham to determine how best to reach everyone in Lincolnville.

“Catherine will guide us to answer questions like how to we reach people,” Silverio said. “Where do they live, where do they work, where do they play?”

Community Heart & Soul uses a host of community events to bring communities closer, the hope being that they will appreciate their shared values and vision.

“We don’t want to be a small group of people dictating to the town what we think would be a great idea for the future,” Silverio said. “We want to be much more representative of all the people in Lincolnville.”