Dog days of summer interrupted by rain — yay! My rain gauge came in at just shy of 1 1/2 inches. I’ve been giving the sheep a little hay but maybe now we can turn the corner on some more pasture for the next month or so.

Happy 35th anniversary to my beloved hubby, Paul! There is nothing more valuable in this world than a partner who will see you through thick and thin — whatever life throws at you. We had a delicious dinner at Toddy Pond Farm in Monroe. They’ve got an inviting arrangement of seating, both inside the barn and on the patio, along with a wonderful selection of their own farm-grown food and great local bands playing each Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 2.

More on monarchs

Louise Shorette has been lucky enough to be a monarch tagging  volunteer. She shared her experience with us:

“My participation in the Friends of Sears Island monarch butterfly tagging program has been a magical experience. Learning to safely catch, handle, tag and  release a  monarch butterfly has been exciting  and  rewarding. Just knowing that a  butterfly I caught and tagged may be able to migrate/fly all the way to Mexico and another person, a biologist or citizen scientist like myself, in the Mexican wintering grounds will record the data included on the tiny wing of the monarch.

“In response to the Sears Island monarch education, tagging program and the need for restoration of monarch habitat areas, I have registered my homestead here in Jackson with the Monarch Watch as a recognized Monarch Watch Waystation.”

Monarch tagging helps answer questions about the origins of monarchs that reach Mexico, the timing and pace of the migration, mortality during the migration, and changes in geographic distribution. It is such a fascinating process. FMI: https://monarchwatch.org/tagging.

New Maine laws

On Aug. 8, Maine state lawmakers passed a lengthy and varied number of laws. These included the 65 years and older Property Tax Stabilization law, LD 290. There are two acts which were passed to help keep us safe from poisons in our environment; one, to prevent contamination by “forever chemicals” — including PFAS, and the other to continue supporting safe drinking water for Maine families (LD 1911 and LD 1891).

I was also pleased to see that a new law was put into effect to get ahead of possible questions about ballot tampering, LD 1779, An Act To Protect Election Integrity by Regulating Possession of Ballots and Voting Machines and Devices. This law includes such specifics as: “Transfer prohibited. The municipal clerk may not transfer possession, custody or control of a voting machine to any person except as expressly authorized by the Secretary of State.”

Planning Board

The Planning Board has been hard at work reviewing the Jackson Land Use Ordinance, voted into effect in 1997. In addition to checking for typos and grammatical errors, we want to ensure clarification of intent where needed. As a note, any changes of substance will be brought to town meeting for a vote.

All are welcome at Planning Board meetings. The next one will be Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Office.

Town Office

As a reminder, any structure built, put up, brought in, that is 200 square feet or larger requires a building permit. Please visit the Town Office to obtain the appropriate permit(s) for your project.

There are multiple copies of town reports dating back to 2010 in the town office. If you are interested in filling out your collection, please contact Brenda before she recycles them.