BELFAST — The 21st Come Boating! rowing regatta was another rousing success on Saturday, Aug. 20 with a sizable crowd on hand to watch dozens of rowers brave the Belfast Bay waters.

The event, run as part of the Belfast Rotary’s 15th annual Harbor Fest — Friday to Sunday, Aug. 19-21 — was held in pristine weather as a bevy of rowers put their crafts in the water and braved the grueling, four nautical-mile course.

Gannet with oars up. Photo courtesy of Michael Percy

The individual results for each division in the rowing regatta, with individual names, club names and boat names listed where available (only coxswain were listed for vessels with more than one rower), include:

Women’s kayak — 1, Jerri Holmes, Queenie, 49:40; and 2, Cindy Sterling, Oru, 56:03.

Men’s kayak — 1, Ben Fuller, 44:17; and 2, Glenn Montgomery, 45:40.

Men’s surfski — 1, Ben Randall, 29:22; and 2, Hank Thorburn, 33:13.

Women’s single sliding — 1, Anne Hallee, 33:22.

Men’s single fixed — 1, Dick Baldwin, Tradition, 1:03:10.

Michael Percy of Brooklin in his paddleboat. Photo courtesy of Michael Percy

Women’s dory — 1, The Dorywomen (coxsain Nicole Littrell), Sorciere, 42:05.

Mixed coxed four fixed seat — 1, Village Community Boathouse (coxswain Dave Clayton), GML, 35:50.

Women’s coxed four fixed seat — 1, Blue Hill Community Rowing (coxswain Jean Verbridge), Phoenix, 35:53.

Youth coxed four sliding seat — 1, Cohasset Maritime Institute (coxswain Frank Townsend), 29:50.

Mixed coxed four sliding seat — 1, Cohasset Maritime Institute (coxswain Douglas McLellan), 37:52.

Mixed pilot gig — 1, Come Boating! (coxswain Leigh Dorsey), Malcolm G, 29:43; 2, Dharma Voyage (coxswain Lauri Bissonnette), Voyager, 31:33; 3, New Bedord Grit (coxswain John McCoy), Gail Force, 35:42; 4, Gloucester Gig Rowers (coxswain Meredith Glaser), Gannet, 38:45; and 5, Come Boating! (coxswain Logan Perkins), Belle Fast, 37:05.

Women’s pilot gig — 1, Carol Jepson, Spirit of Westport, 47:29.

Editor’s note: Michael Percy of Brooklin paddled from Castine to Belfast, more than 20 miles, to watch and take photos (the ones that appear with this story) at the event. “I rather enjoy pedaling my watercraft to various sailing regattas and other events on the water. It provides a unique and highly maneuverable perspective at close to water level, allowing me vantage points often inaccessible to larger craft.”

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