The issue of the Route 1 bridge that crosses Route 3  discussed during the Belfast City Council Meeting of Aug. 2 should be seriously considered, especially with the attention Belfast has been getting lately as a premier coastal community. First impressions can make a significant difference as to whether tourists coming into Belfast from Route 3 continue straight into downtown Belfast or make the left-hand turn to continue north on Highway 1.

With the unkempt embankment, the ugly green paint and rust on the bridge girder, and the graffiti underneath, the Route 3 side of the bridge coming into Belfast is unsightly and uninviting.

Landscaping on the embankment of the bridge could help in creating a more welcoming gateway into the city. What would it take to get permission from the DOT to paint the girder blue? How about a sign placed on the left side of the embankment, say a black silhouette of a three-masted schooner with white cursive lettering that reads, “Welcome to Belfast?”

With Belfast frequently touted as one of the top 10 coolest small towns in the country, and one of the prettiest towns in the state, then doing something about the eyesore that exists at the bridge would go a long way in cementing the attention and accolades Belfast has received.

Scot Cunningham