I am Kip Hillman, age 78. My wife and I live in a Belfast neighborhood at City Point and Head of the Tides Road. I want to welcome Chief Cormier. The Republican Journal (June 26) covered Chief Robert “Bobbie” Cormier’s appointment (May 17) by the Belfast City Council as our new chief of police.

Cited were Chief Cormier’s concerns for the “quality of life” issues in the community, including speeding. Chief Cormier encouraged citizens of Belfast to contact him with any concerns, large or small.

Since speeding through our neighborhood is a problem, I resolved to follow up. A short time later, by coincidence, I met Chief Cormier at a Thursday night Chamber of Commerce informal function. Attending this type of event is consistent with interest in the community. I discussed with him our concerns about speeding vehicles in transit through our City Point Road neighborhood. Within a few days, Belfast Police setup a speed radar reflector and promised more as data from the device was analyzed.

Chief Cormier’s intervention to reduce speeding traffic is a positive step for “quality of life” and much appreciated by the City Point Road neighborhood.

On another matter (Aug. 11 issue), The Republican Journal covered the City Council approval of Chief Cormier to readopt K-9 and motorcycle patrol. Canine and motorcycle use by law enforcement are community-oriented.

Research shows that citizens are more apt to approach a law officer on a motorcycle than an officer inside a vehicle, and the option of a motorcycle patrol facilitates recruitment, especially in small
communities, and promotes motorcycle safety. By the way, except when motoring with lights and siren, police motorcycles are quiet.

Welcome, Chief Cormier.

Kip Hillman