I love our sunflower patch outside the Town Office. I pulled in the other morning and it was awash in color and activity. The bees love them and the American goldfinches have found the ones that have started turning to seed. One is super tall, reaching the roof;  it was from a donor seed from last year’s growth, so it got an early start.

My fellow selectman Dan McCormick and I took our Monday morning workshop on the road to Douglass Cemetery to epoxy a small stone that had fallen over but had not broken. I will check in a couple weeks to see how it’s holding up, and if it works we can save money from the cemetery budget by doing these small jobs ourselves.

I went to Fowler Cemetery on Albion Road to assess the need for stone cleaning there. It does need quite a bit of work as far as cleaning, but the vast majority of stones look to be in good shape. Each year I work with students from the Ecology Learning Center on a cemetery project so that might be this year’s task.

Reminder! To receive your 2% discount on your property taxes, payment must be received by Sept. 7. For those of you 65 or older, there are tax stabilization packets available in the lobby at the Town Office for next year. They are due back in the office by Dec. 1. We can start accepting them Sept. 1.

Yard Sale! Saturday, Sept. 10, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Unity Town Office in conjunction with The Market of Unity. Free space/no table fee. All welcome (you don’t need to be a Unity resident). Call the Town Office, 948-3763, to reserve your space.

Bangor Savings Bank is holding its annual peanut butter and jelly drive in September. They will be shared with local food pantries.

Unity Public Library is offering help for those in need of setting up new email accounts when Uninets becomes obsolete in October. Also be aware that UniTel billing will be going from past month due to current month due, so you will get a statement in October for both September and October. They will offer assistance to those who need help to budget for the change.

The target reopening date for the Amish Community Market is around Sept. 23. This is tentative, as they are still doing some construction work.

Paint Night at Holler Soap Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 6 p.m. Holler Soap is located at the train depot right next to Cone’z.

The Thorndike Trailblazers ATV club’s annual “Glow Ride” is set for Saturday, Sept. 10, at 6 p.m. Meet at Mike and Doreeen Berry’s on Palmer Road in Thorndike. Donations to be taken at the entrance. Proceeds to benefit The Open Door hot lunch in Unity and your hosting club.

The Open Door provides a hot lunch once a week to those in need. The club will use the funds for future trail work needs. Decorate those wheelers. Make ’em glow!! For those of you who use Polaris Ride Command, they’ll share a link of the route once it’s sorted out and also a group ride link.

At the Aug. 24 Planning Board meeting I perused the 1905 Town Report, which included Superintendent of Schools J.R. Taber’s annual report. There were eight schools: Worth, Farwell, Jones, Woods, Kelley, Mill, Village and Free High School with a total average attendance of 130 students. Subjects taught included reading and spelling, geography, botany, Latin, arithmetic and algebra, penmanship, physiology and grammar.

One excerpt from Mr. Taber’s report: “Through the scholars, the parents and townsmen may be stimulated, and the whole town awakened to broader activities. Should we then support our high schools? Every public spirited man must wish his town to do its part for the state and the nation, and this it will not do unless by his money, his vote, and his example, he supports its schools.”

Those old reports are quite delicate now and we intend to preserve them for future generations. If you have an interest in looking at them, I would be more than happy to arrange a time.


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