The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 11 through Aug. 17 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


All-Play LLC to P&L Property LLC.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U S Bank Trust National Association TR to LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U S Bank Trust National Association TR.

Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm and Todd Bluhm to Christopher E. White.

Steve E. Bird and Deborah R. Bird to Michael Perry and Lindsay Perry.

Meryl S. Grant, Julia D. Grant and Jackson D. Grant to Marion Grahek.

Melodye H. Valliere and Arthur Valliere to Arthur Valliere Revocable Trust and Melodye H. Valliere Revocable Trust.


John S. Gilbert and Mary G. Marchini to Deborah L. Crabtree.


Robert F. Gladu to Robert F. Gladu and Denise J. Gladu.


Ryan S. Mitchell and Kristi Mitchell to Jeffrey J. McGrath Sr. and Pauline McGrath.


Richard K. Martin Sr. to Tina M. Garnett and Clarence T. Garnett.

Tina M. Garnett and Clarence T. Garnett to Paul O. Luppino and Mary F. Luppino.

Carol Richardson to Susan Friend and Laura Leigh Friend.

David M. Miller to Margaret Mary Fitzgerald.


Ronald F. Wood to Rebecca Schnur and John P. Schlottman.


Chris Spencer Est. to Lindsay L. Morong.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Jonathan E. B. Cunningham and Angela E. Cunningham to Gervais Homes LLC.


Jeffrey Richard Arndt to Cooney Family Revocable Trust of March 6, 2020.

Wayne B. Lanning to Trevor H. Paul and Molly E. Paul.

Walter Lamont Sr. and Anne Lamont to A. Frawley LLC.

Frederick O. Heald Est. to George W. Heald Trust, Jane Heald and Frederick A. Heald.

Randall W. Creamer and Judy A. Creamer to Emily Lewis and Andrew Lewis.

Elizabeth S. Hendler and Edward J. Wynne to David Conn and Amanda Conn.

Kristi Hardy-Gilson to Norman Beloin and Elinor Beloin.

Norman Beloin and Elinor Beloin to Kerry A. Hardy.

Kerry A. Hardy to Norman Beloin and Elinor Beloin.


Paige I. Lindsay and Paige Irene Emerson to Christina Coulsey.

Toby James Farrington and Cindy L. Farrington to Garrett W. Butler and Alyssa Dow.

Two Loons LLC to Timothy N. Lawrence and Heather B. Lawrence.

No Location

Malika Baggins to John Hibbard.


Marnie Allen to Marnie Allen and Lamont C. Allen.


Christopher Ortiz to Kema Kasalaba.


Cherry Hill Enterprize Inc. to Kathryn Marie Schoettle and Karl Alexander Schoettle.

Richard S. Kirk, Patti Ann Bartell and Patti Ann Marable to Kendra Leach and Ethan Leach.

Town of Searsmont to Autumn Williams.


Burton Francis Faulkner III to Over The Tap LLC.

Stockton Springs

Edward Rancourt Sr. to Robert Charles Allen II and Sonya Marie Allen.

Gordon H. Clements and Lucille Clements to Brian L. Abreu.

Barbara Powers Living Trust and Roger W. Powers Living Trust to Anastasia A. Fisher Living Trust.


Joshua A. Clark to Evan Elsey.

Ashlee K. Eikelboom to Marissa Oves.

Kathy Nickerson to Jennifer Larrabee.

LME Nominee Trust and Charles H. Evans to Lawrence Hall and Christina Ellis

Christopher M. Knowlton to Frederick J. Bryant and Cathleen A. Bryant.


Edith K. Kershner to Chelsea Renee Hubbard and Zachery Frederick Forsythe.


Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and Janet Bennett to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC .


Oliphant Enterprises LLC to Allen A. Weaver Jr. and Kimberley R. Weaver.


William Martin and Elizabeth E. Martin to Jonathan P. Blanck and Jessica Danielle Blanck.

Stacy Brown, Frederick Brown, Sharon A. Lasota and Barbara J. Doyon to Trey F. Brown.

Richard McKay to Danielle D. McKay