Last Sunday I visited a good friend of mine on Mount Desert Island. I try to visit him at least a couple of times a year. We went to the “other” side of the Island — far away from Bar Harbor’s tourist-packed sidewalks and Acadia National Park’s clogged roads — and canoed, swam in Seal Cove Pond, and enjoyed a beautiful day at the end of a very stressful work week.

Last week we also had Catherine’s father and stepmother visit from South Carolina. Neither of them, including her father, who lived in Maine until a few years ago, had ever been to this part of the state before Catherine moved here. We went to Mammie’s, where they appreciated the “country cookin.’” They love the ruralness and live in a similar area in South Carolina.

A couple of weeks ago Garrett Cross of Freedom did a fantastic job clearing a half-acre parcel of my backyard treeline. His work resulted in a breathtaking reopening of the westward view. He was recommended by Jacob Archer of Brooks, who has done some great landscaping work around my front yard and backyard farm pond. I highly recommend them both for any projects you might want to do before winter comes.

Finally, the Town Charter Commission has an opening following the departure of one of its members. We are steadily progressing on creating a draft charter. I am proud of the collegial way the commission’s nine members have worked collaboratively over the past few months. We hoped to have a draft done and presented to town voters in time for the November elections, but now more realistically expect to have a draft done in time for March.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!