NORTHPORT — During their meeting Aug. 22, the Select Board discussed its wish list for advocacy by the Maine Municipal Association during the next Maine legislative session

One item on the list is a wish for some of the tax collected from retail adult-use cannabis sales to be returned to the towns where the sales happen, Town Administrator James Kossuth said in an email following the meeting.

“Currently, the towns receive none of that tax revenue,” he said.

The board would also like the Legislature to consider clarifying amendments to two of the bills passed last year, specifically LD 290 (the tax stabilization law) and LD 2003 (the housing law).

“Both of those laws raised questions about implementation and their effect on the towns implementing them, and the board would like to see the Legislature address those questions,” he said.

As for specific questions the board has, Kossuth said, “Under LD 290, even though property taxes are due to the town on Sept. 30, the state will not reimburse the town for the amounts forgone due to the stabilization until the following January. Meanwhile, the town is losing three-plus months of use of those monies. Will there be interest paid to the towns to compensate?

“Under LD 2003, which in some cases preempts local zoning laws, it requires the town to allow up to four-unit housing on any lot otherwise zoned for single-family housing. We have some very tiny lots in Bayside (as small as 2,200 sq. ft., in some cases), and the law seems to require the town to permit four units on those lots. There are similar requirements and questions under the law for accessory dwelling units.”

The town also received an update from Great Works Internet on the town’s fiber-optic build-out. The process is moving along with installation of the fiber network for approximately half the town’s residences still on schedule for the fall.

In other matters the board:

  • Renewed its ambulance service contract with Belfast for $18,196 for FY 2023.
  • Voted for A. Thomas Wagner III of Waldoi for a three-year term on the Waldo County Budget Committee.