WISCASSET — The final weekend in August widely is known as the most significant racing weekend of the year in Maine.

At Wiscasset Speedway, the weekend served as a tune-up for one of the track’s largest races of the year — the Boss Hogg 150.

Nearly 100 competitors rolled into the pit area on Saturday, Aug. 27 anticipating a full night of exciting Group #1 racing action.

The program kicked off with a 35-lap spotlight feature from the Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Minis. Derek Cook carried the momentum from his heat race win, as he pulled away with the early lead in the feature. Zach Audet quickly maneuvered through the field, broke into the top five on lap five after he began outside the top 10. Audet cleared Ricky Austin for the runner-up spot on lap 12 and began to cut into Cook’s measurable lead. With 10 laps to go, Cook’s lead was sliced in half by Audet. By lap 30, Audet was at his back bumper. It was a drag race to the finish for the drivers as Cook was able to fend off Audet, to pick up his first career feature victory at Wiscasset Speedway. Shane Webber, Thunder 4 Mini points leader and July driver of the month, rounded out the top three.

The Market 27 Super Streets followed with a 30-lap feature. Nicole Benincasa, who picked up her first heat win in a Super Street earlier in the day, took off with the early lead in the feature. She held steady through lap six where she eventually was overtaken by Bubba Pelton and Matt Beers. While Beers thrived, points leader Brett Osmond struggled throughout the day, as he retired from the heat race early and later took a spin on lap 19 of the feature. This allowed Beers to put a significant dent in Osmond’s points lead. Pelton maintained his advantage over Beers after a late-race restart, to pick up his third win of the season. P.J. Merrill rounded out the top three.

After announcing his plans to run a Pro Stock in 2023, Daniel Harding picked off a heat win in the Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Division. This pushed Harding into the points lead over multi-time winner Josh Hall. Harding continued to capitalize in the 25-lap feature, as he stole the top spot from Andy Kaherl on lap three. Harding took off, to extend his lead to a full straightaway by lap 12. A late-race caution brought the field together on lap 22, but Harding held strong, to score his second win of the season in the division. Hall and Ben Burgess rounded out the top three.

Logan Melcher kicked off his day off a heat win in the Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks. He carried this to the 40-lap feature, as he powered into the early lead. Kevin Douglass was on a mission behind the leader, as he broke into the top three on lap 6. Douglass cleared Jamie Wright for the runner-up spot on lap 10 and immediately moved onto Melcher, as he promptly took over the top spot on lap 13. Scott Chubbuck, returning to the track after multiple weeks off, also was on the move in the second half of the race, as he catapulted into the runner-up spot on lap 24. A caution on lap 37 brought the field together for a three-lap shootout, but Douglass held steady, as he picked up his fifth win of the season. Chubbuck and Wright followed to round out the top three.

The night concluded with the third-and-final T&L Automotive Enduro Series event of the season. Forty-eight competitors took to the track for the 100-lap race and Josh Page held off Shawn McMorrow, to pick up the significant win.

The individual racing results for Aug. 27 were:

Swett’s Concrete Thunder 4 Mini (35 laps) – 1, Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; 2, Zach Audet, Norridgewock; 3, Shane Webber, New Vinyard; 4, Jeff Farrington, Alna; 5, Ricky Austin, Norridgewock; 6, Gunner Josselyn, New Vinyard; 7, Michael Golding, Pownal; 8, Jeremy Farrar, Hebron; 9, Ryan Stillwell, Lamoine; 10, Bruce Hall Jr., Chesterville; 11, Steve Hall, Sebago; 12, Ches Williams, Hope; 13, John Anderson, Bristol; 14, Brody Badeau, Lewiston; 15, Darius Miranda, Levant; 16, Austin Dodge, Freeport; 17, David Cook, Jay; 18, Joshua Hall, Sebago; and 19, Adreonna Dodge, Freeport.

Market 27 Super Streets (30 laps) – 1, Richard Pelton, Scarborough; 2, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 3, Matt Beers, Farmingdale; 4, P.J. Merrill, Canton; 5, Nick Morton, Woolwich; 6, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 7, Thomas Young, Freeport; 8, David Greenleaf, Westport; 9, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 10, Nicole Benincasa, Buxton; 11, Glen Reynolds, Turner; 12, Mike Wallace, Wiscasset; 13, Brandon Bailey, Wiscasset; and 14, Darick Barker, Durham.

Brackett’s Market 4-Cyl. Pro (25 laps) – 1, Daniel Harding, Fairfield; 2, Josh Hall, Mount Vernon; 3, Ben Burgess, Hartford; 4, Andy Kaherl, Saco; and 5, Taylor Lane, Phillips.

Norm’s Used Car Pro Stocks (40 laps) – 1, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 2, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 3, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 4, Justin Larson, Peru; 5, Kelly Moore, Scarborough; 6, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 7, Logan Melcher, Fayette; 8, Will Collins, Waldoboro; 9, Dave Getchell, Cornville; 10, Steven Chicoine, Windsor; 11, Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; 12, Miller Buzzell, East Baldwin; and 13, Joe Harriman, Montville.

T&L Automotive Enduro #3 (100 laps) – 1, Josh Page, Bath; 2, Shawn McMorrow, Skowhegan; 3, Martin Emerson, Monmouth; 4, Jeff Read, Brunswick; 5, Ben Audet, Vienna; 6, Jacob Gagnon, Wiscasset; 7, Corey Emery, Skowhegan; 8, Joshua Cottle, Casco; 9, Farron Schwierzke, East Baldwin; 10, Dylan Shores, Falmouth; 11, Park Clegg Jr., Pittston; 12, Andrew Arlen, Clinton; 13, Tim Bradstreet, Topsham; 14, Mike Landry, Madison; 15, Herbert Burnham, Southport; 16, Qain Malik, town unavailable; 17, Ken Turner, South China; 18, Mike Hill, Leland, N.C.; 19, Dylan York, Searsmont; 20, Jeremy Guptill, Cornish; 21, Donnie Fletcher, Farmington; 22, Drew Schierzke, East Baldwicn; 23, Aaron Baker, Brunswick; 24, Logan Weir, Topsham; 25, Duck Allen, Mount Vernon; 26, Phil Main Jr., Whitefield; 27, Ken Doak, Dresden; 28, Gary Dodge, Norridgewock; 29, David Nelson, Limington; 30, Brayden Laliberte, Farmingdale; 31, Adriana Gibson, Appleton; 32, Jim Bradstreet, Topsham; 33, Jasmine O’Farrell, Thomaston; 34, Kevin Steele, Richmond; 35, Nathan Lizotte, Sidney; 36, Kayle McLatchy, Livermore Falls; 37, Raina McPhee, Waldoboro; 38, unknown driver, unknown town; 39, Brandon Simmons, Newcastle; 40, Jarody, Augusta; 41, Ethan Lyons, town unavailable; 42, Nathan Haley, Westport Island; 43, unknown driver, town unavailable; 44, Evan Fales, Litchfield; 45, Nick Lizotte, Sidney; 46, Roy Glidden, Farmingdale; 47, Irving Doughty, town unavailable; and 48, Stanley Christie, Gardiner.

Amy Worrey works for Wiscasset Speedway.